Empowering Citizens

Local government is our best opportunity for addressing the challenges we face as a county and region. Unfortunately, except for interactions like paying taxes we rarely interact directly with our citizens. We need to explore new ways to bring citizens into the deliberative processes of government.

As your commissioner, I promise to listen to your concerns, learn from them and make the best decisions I can for the future of Deschutes County.

I commit to holding regular town hall listening sessions rotating between Redmond, Bend, La Pine, Sisters, Sunriver and rural areas.

I will hold periodic online chats with the citizens of Descutes County.

Technology allows us to make information more readily available than ever, but availability is not accessibility. The complexity of finding and understanding county records, regulations and documents makes the process daunting. We need to provide citizens with the support they need to access and use the information they need.

Interactions should be followed up to ensure citizens receive adequate responses to their queries.

Citizen satisfaction with County offices and services should be tracked:

Immediately following interactions

Periodically in a statistically valid manner

The County should offer online and periodic in-person citizen training and support for navigating County bureaucracy

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