James Cook: Candidate Statement


Occupation: Small Business Owner; Web Developer; Illustrator

Occupational Background: Owner studioJMC; Columnist St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Educational Background: Bachelor of Architecture Degree University of Illinois

Prior Governmental Experience: Chairperson of Redmond Urban Area Planning Commission; Redmond Budget Committee; Parks Committee; Dry Canyon Master Plan Update Committee

Deschutes County is experiencing growth that offers great opportunities and greater challenges. If we work together, we can build the foundation to meet those challenges and create a community that works for all residents; from ranchers to small business owners, from workers on the shop floor to tech entrepreneurs.

The influx of people is a large challenge: how to grow while retaining that which makes us unique. In addressing this we must be true to the shared values that make Deschutes County the place we are proud to call home; respect for each other, respect for our traditions – old and new, and respect for the environment that surrounds us.

I have chosen to be involved in local government to help meet that challenge. As Chair of the Redmond Planning Commission I’ve seen and addressed both the opportunities and problems growth presents. As a County Commissioner, I will:

  • Work to attract businesses that provide a broad and sustainable spectrum of economic opportunities for all our citizens.
  • Strive to ensure our dynamic growth benefits all residents through an improved standard of living, quality education, access to healthcare and well-maintained infrastructure.
  • Protect our natural resources and rural lands.
  • Encourage individuals and businesses to help shape our future by giving back to the community because that is the spirit that built and sustains Deschutes County.

Living in Deschutes County has given me the privilege of sharing in the lives of my two grandchildren. My goal is that, as adults, they and others will continue to find Deschutes County as dynamic, thriving, welcoming, and beautiful as I have. All my efforts as a Commissioner will focus on this goal.

James Cook

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