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“Cook’s concerns that everyone be heard, his desire to engage young people in local decision making and his reasonable views on land use and marijuana combine to make him an excellent candidate for County Commission.”

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Source endorses James Cook

Source Weekly

“James Cook, meanwhile, offered a clear response to our question of how to best manage county budgets, demonstrating knowledge of how to utilize available funds while also continuing to adhere to constitutional property tax options and build up reserves to avoid calamity in years of lower economic prosperity.”

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Tammy Baney
Deschutes County Commissioner

“Since my first day in office, I have been committed to serving people rather than party politics; James shares this commitment. He is a community mined, local volunteer who I know will do a great job representing us as county commissioner.”

Alan Unger
Former Deschutes County Commissioner

“As chair of the Redmond Urban Area Planning Commission and member of the budget committee, James has a firm grip on the challenges of local government.”

Preston Callicott
Chief Executive Officer
Five Talent Software, Inc.

“It’s time for a change in Central Oregon, and James Cook should be voted in as County Commissioner to help usher it in. James has a grasp of the issues and as well as the potential solutions. James’ superpower is truth-telling, even when it may not line up with popular opinion. This is a person you can trust.”

Michael P. Hollern

“I support james Cook because I believe he will provide the County Commission with an experienced, moderate voice.”

Jenny O’Keefe
Executive Director at REACH
Redmond Parks Committee Chair

“I have had the pleasure to work with and learn from Jim while serving on the Redmond Parks Committee. Jim has a thorough understanding of the complexities of local government and the far-reaching implications on the citizens. Jim is the smart choice for Deschutes County.”

Jim Beeger

Jim Beeger
Republicans for Cook

“As a member of the party since 1972 I call myself a founding member of the RFC-Republicans for Cook. He has my vote, my financial support, his signs are going on my property and I am actively telling others that he is far and away the best candidate to vote for. There is no second choice.”

Jasmine Barnett

Jasmine Helsley-Barnett
Arts and Culture Advocate

“James Cook has the passion, vision and values to make Deschutes County a better place for our children to call home. I support James and look forward to working with him.”

Bill Braly

Bill Braley
Retired Asst. Supt., Oregon Department of Education
Redmond community volunteer

“I have worked with James on several volunteer committees over the years and have found him to be quick to grasp issues, inquisitive and thoughtful in his remarks and conclusions. He considers all consequences in his deliberations, qualities I value in my county commissioner.”

Hinderberger Family

Brian and Shannon Hinderberger
Bend Entrepreneurs

“Our county needs non-partisan leaders to protect the future of Deschutes County for our children and small businesses. James Cook’s non-partisan stance and experience have our children’s future in mind and our vote.”