My grandchildren and I enjoy all the amenities – cultural and environmental – Deschutes County offers. They are the fulfillment of promises of earlier generations to build a better quality of life in Central Oregon. But unless we squarely face the challenges growth presents, there is a danger our children and grandchildren will not be able to live here. To preserve the legacy we have received, I ask you to join me in renewing the promise to build a safer, healthier Deschutes County.

As your Deschutes County Commissioner, I promise to work to:

  • Ensure future generations can afford to raise families in Deschutes County.
  • Preserve vital county services and resources with nonpartisan solutions.
  • Protect public safety by fixing our broken 911 System and ensuring it has strong leadership and oversight moving forward.
  • Develop creative solutions for housing for all income levels.


The Bulletin
Serving Central Oregon since 1903

“Cook’s concerns that everyone be heard, his desire to engage young people in local decision making and his reasonable views on land use and marijuana combine to make him an excellent candidate for County Commission.”

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Source endorses James Cook

Source Weekly

“James Cook, meanwhile, offered a clear response to our question of how to best manage county budgets, demonstrating knowledge of how to utilize available funds while also continuing to adhere to constitutional property tax options and build up reserves to avoid calamity in years of lower economic prosperity.”

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Tammy Baney
Deschutes County Commissioner

“Since my first day in office, I have been committed to serving people rather than party politics; James shares this commitment. He is a community mined, local volunteer who I know will do a great job representing us as county commissioner.”

Alan Unger
Former Deschutes County Commissioner

“As chair of the Redmond Urban Area Planning Commission and member of the budget committee, James has a firm grip on the challenges of local government.”

Thoughts and Issues


Deschutes County is a strong, vibrant and beautiful place to live. But, in the face of rapid growth, we cannot maintain our quality of life by standing still or looking wistfully backwards. Growth brings great challenges AND opportunities and, to meet them, we must recognize that housing, transportation and jobs are not separate issues. read more